Sewer Vent Supplies & Repairs provide quality Sewer Vent Shaft (SVS or  “vent stacks”) projects for Government, private contractors and private residences.

We can supply a range of products (See Products page). Services include installation, removal or relocaton of sewer vent shafts and vent stacks; or inspection, reporting and odour logging of vent stacks.

We supply, install and repair vent shafts for:

  • Regional Councils throughout New South Wales.
  • Construction Industry including Architecture, Structural and Civil Engineering, Earthmoving and Plumbing.
  • Private Residential Properties

Our efficient method of supply and repairing sewer vent stacks allow the ventilation of excess gases from the main sewer line. This greatly reduces the corrosive damage to the main sewer carrier; eliminating odour complaints and keeping costs to a minimum.

18m Guy Wire vent on rural land – Drawing Nos. EPS 700.01 + 700.02

Sewerage Pump Station (SPS) – Wingecaribee Shire

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  • A family owned Australian business